A word about Jérôme Rombaut

Member and captain of many teams in France for almost 30 years, Jerome Rombaut is one of our best national players (multiple times champion of France, several times European champion, and even world champion)

Founder and host of the website in 2001, he continues to work for Funbridge, which today allows more than 400,000 players to play more than 1 million games each day.

Married to Céline and father of 3: Lila (13), Oscar (11) and Léo (15), Léo has just won the silver medal at the last youth world championship in 2018 and should accompany him to festival.

Jérôme is also a seasoned athlete since he practices triathlon in competition, ironman of Nice in 2017, he will run it again in 2019!

A few words from our champion:
"I have been fortunate for many years to participate in the Biarritz festival organized by Franck and his team.
Good mood, excellent buffets, innovative animations, a large endowment including in nature, in short all the keys to success!
Coincidentally, I had the same echoes last year of my friends who participated in the festival of Arcachon: that happiness and a week of fun.

So when Franck asked me to participate this year, I did not hesitate! And you ? "